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New fostering film shows it could be any of us.

Dudley Council is encouraging people who live in the borough to find out more about fostering, with a national fostering video that’s been released today.

The powerful new film, entitled ‘Any of Us’, has been produced by a partnership of local authorities and can be viewed online

Carrying the clear message that anyone with the capacity to care can foster, it is the largest public sector fostering film collaboration yet with over 80 participants from Northumberland to Brighton and Liverpool to Kent.

Councillor Ruth Buttery, cabinet member for children and education, said:

“Foster carers are hugely valued people who serve a key role in our communities while giving children a chance to thrive and become the best person they can be.

I’m delighted to see this amazing film being released as it will highlight the fact that anyone who cares has the potential to become a foster carer.

“Some people might assume their existing commitments or personal circumstances would be a barrier to fostering, but carers come in all shapes and sizes, and we welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles.”

People can find out more about fostering in Dudley borough by visiting or calling 01384 815833.

‘Any Of Us’ looks at three very different people who all show some of the attributes needed to be a foster carer in incidents from their daily lives. They are different individuals in very different scenarios, but each in their own way show the caring instinct that is fundamental to being a foster carer.

Sarah Thomas, chief executive of the Fostering Network says:

“The Fostering Network has supported this project since the first collaborative film ‘Giants’ in 2017. It’s fantastic to see the fostering services work together to amplify their message to recruit much-needed foster carers.

“There’s currently a shortage of 6,000 fostering households in England, so films like this have a vital role to play in encouraging more people to become foster carers.

“A lot of people – rightly – praised the John Lewis fostering advert at Christmas time, as poignant and socially responsible. ‘All Of Us’ is right up there alongside it. Now it’s our job to have it seen as widely as possible, so more people to take the first step and become the foster carers we need, right across England.”



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