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Children playing with father outside

I'm part of a fostering family

Here’s what our foster children have to say about our carers...

My carers are helpful, kind, caring and really funny and make me laugh

(Ava, 8)

My foster home is perfect, my carers are nice and really kind

(Georgia, 9)

My foster family are kind, but I'd love a swimming pool in our garden

(Suzie, 6)

And the birth children of our carers...

"There are other children whose parents foster – we enjoy meeting up with them and getting to know them. They all have different foster children in their homes. We do activities and have a laugh together.


“We can talk about any worries we have. We enjoy helping a child and we can make sure they are safe and cared for. I am happy to share my Mom and Dad. The baby we have at the moment is going to be adopted – this will be hard but we know that he will bring a lot of happiness to his forever family.


“I help my parents by playing with the children and making them laugh I can also help at mealtimes and we go out all together. My Mom and Dad do a good job"

(Laura, 6)

"I kind of like fostering now, I like to make sure they are ok and happy. I enjoy playing with the two girls we have, they are a little younger than me – they are lovely girls.


“I know they are okay and being cared for. I do get a bit upset when children move from us but I know they are going back to their family or to a new family which will make them happy.


“I think we have helped them. I did the children’s skills training which I really liked and met other children whose parents foster"

(Emily, 8)

Father on sofa hugging child
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