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Private fostering

Information for professionals

Dudley Council has a legal duty to ensure that any child or young person is in a suitable and safe private fostering arrangement. We will make regular visits to a child and his/her private foster carer and are able to provide advice and support where necessary.

Private foster carers can approach Dudley Council for help and support in looking after the child/children in their care. This can include:


  • in certain cases there may be financial help available

  • information about any local support networks for carers

  • carers may be able to claim additional benefits from the benefits agency


The Children Act 2004 requires that Dudley Council is notified of any proposed private fostering arrangement six weeks prior to it starting. If the arrangement is starting within six weeks or is already an existing arrangement then you should notify us immediately.


If you are aware of a child or young person who may be in a private fostering arrangement or who may be potentially placed in a private fostering arrangement you should contact us immediately.

Information on private fostering

Contact Fostering Duty Social Worker


Call: 01384 815833

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